Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Auxiliary Reference Code Samples and Redistributable Installer

This set of downloads includes three sample service providers, a header file, and a redistributable installer (coming soon).
  • Sample Service Providers
    • The Sample Wrapped PST Store Provider uses the PST provider as the back end for storing data. The wrapped PST store provider is intended to be used in conjuction with the Replication API.
      For more information, see About the Replication API in the Outlook 2007 Auxiliary Reference. Most of the functions in the Sample Wrapped PST Store Provider pass their arguments directly to the underlying PST provider. For more information, see About the Sample Wrapped PST Store Provider.
    • The Sample Transport Provider implements a shared network file system transport provider. A transport provider is a DLL that acts as an intermediary between the MAPI subsystem and one or more underlying messaging systems. The code in this sample can be used as a starting point for building a more robust transport provider. For more information, see About the Sample Transport Provider.
    • The Sample Address Book Provider implements a basic address book provider that can be used as a starting point for further customization. It implements the required features of an address book provider, as well as more advanced features such as name resolution. For more information, see About the Sample Address Book Provider.
  • tzmovelib.h Designed to be used with the redistributable installer, this file contains definitions for flags, constants, enumerations, data structures, interfaces and their identifiers, macros, and functions for the calendar rebasing APIs. By default, the file is installed in C:2007 Office System Developer ResourcesOutlook 2007 Auxiliary ReferenceRebasing Calendars.

Coming Soon
The redistributable installer tzmovelib.msi will be provided on this page soon. The redistributable installer installs the assembly file tzmovelib.dll in C:Program FilesMsExTmz. (Note that for the assembly file to work, you must install it with tzmovelib.msi.) It can be used by third-party calendar rebasing tools to programmatically update calendars that are displayed incorrectly due to Daylight Saving Time. With this assembly, developers can use the same APIs that Outlook and Exchange Server use in their calendar rebasing tools.

For more information, see the Outlook 2007 Auxiliary Reference documentation. You can also download the documentation from the Microsoft Download Center.

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