Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer July 2006 CTP

Microsoft® Expression® Interactive Designer July 2006 Community Technology Preview (CTP) is a professional design tool used to create engaging, rich user interfaces for desktop and Web applications.

We are pleased to present a new CTP of Expression Interactive Designer that targets the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 July 2006 CTP (formerly known as WinFX®).

Alert! If you want to try Expression Interactive Designer but wish to continue to use Windows Vista™ Beta 2 or WinFX Beta 2, please install our May 2006 CTP using the installation instructions specific to that CTP. The July CTP will not work properly on the current public pre-release version of Windows Vista.

Help us continually improve Expression Interactive Designer by joining Microsoft Connect to report any technical issues you encounter. We look forward to your feedback!

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22 Июл, Суббота 2006г.

Программирование для чайников.