Microsoft Expression Encoder Free Trial

We are pleased to offer Expression Encoder, formerly Expression Media Encoder, for download. If you are an existing Expression Studio or Expression Media customer, please enter your Expression Media (Windows) product key when prompted during the Expression Encoder installation to activate the software. If you do not have a product key, you can download Expression Encoder and preview its functionality. This fully functioning version will expire 60 days after installation. Expression Encoder is an advanced video encoding tool especially suited for generating content that takes full advantage of the rich graphic and interactive capability of Silverlight playback scenarios. You can also generate Windows Media video and audio that is optimized for other Web playback scenarios, or suitable for playback on portable devices, such as Microsoft® Zune™. You may run Expression Encoder in its rich GUI or with the command line. For more insight into Expression Encoder and to get answers for any technical questions you may have, please visit the Expression Encoder forums. Learn more about designing and developing Silverlight experiences and see the latest showcase of applications at the Silverlight Community website.

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16 Янв, Среда 2008г.

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