Microsoft Exchange Server SDK Workflow Application Templates

Microsoft recommends that you migrate applications that use Exchange Workflow and the Collaborative Data Object for Exchange Workflow (CDOWF) to use the Windows Workflow Foundation. Windows Workflow Foundation supplies the programming model, engine, and tools required to quickly build workflow-enabled applications on Microsoft Windows. It consists of a namespace, an in-process workflow engine, and designers for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. Applications that use Windows Workflow Foundation can be developed and run on Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP, and the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 family. Windows Workflow Foundation includes support for both system workflow and human workflow across a variety of scenarios, including workflow within line-of-business applications, user interface page flow, document-centric workflow, human workflow, composite workflow for service-oriented applications, business rule–driven workflow, and workflow for systems management. If you have developed applications that are based on the Exchange SDK Workflow Application Template and you require a copy of the installation package for archival purposes, please contact Microsoft Customer Support Services. The Exchange SDK Workflow Application Templates will be supported while Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 support is available.

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