Microsoft Developer Support Office Framer Control 1.3 Sample (KB 311765)

The Microsoft Developer Support Office Framer Control 1.3 Sample is a Visual C++ control sample, provided for developers working with Microsoft Office documents (such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Visio drawings, Project files, or PowerPoint presentations) who would like to host such files inside a HTML web page, Visual Basic 6.0 UserForm, or Visual Basic or C# WinForm application. The control demonstrates hosting ActiveX Documents inside of a control window for host applications that do not natively support ActiveX Document embedding. The sample comes with full source code and is meant as a demonstration. It has not been fully tested with all ActiveX Document servers, and is meant as a proof of concept. Developers interested in the approach can use the control sample as a base to start a custom project. The sample is provided "AS IS" and is not directly supported by Microsoft Customer Support Services. This KB sample is capable of hosting the most common document types generated by Microsoft Office XP, Microsoft Office 2003, and Microsoft Office 2007.

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9 Май, Среда 2007г.

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