microOLAP Technologies Packet Sniffer SDK 2.3 VCL Edition

Packet Sniffer SDK (former Network Investigation Suite) is a Gigabit network technology compatible development suite for network packet capture in Windows OS family environment. Packet Sniffer SDK library set is 100% exactly what you knew you wanted but never expected to get: a fully self-contained, dynamically-loaded packet capture technology that is compatible with Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Visual Basic, Intel C++, Borland C++ Builder, Borland Delphi and many others.

Packet Sniffer SDK supports the following operation systems:

Windows NT 4.0; Windows 2000; Windows XP; Windows 2003; Windows Longhorn (Windows Code Name "Longhorn"); Windows 95; Windows 98; Windows ME.

Network adapters supported

  • Ethernet (802.3);
  • Token-Ring;
  • FDDI;
  • WAN (modem).

Packet Sniffer SDK may be used to develop:

  • Hardware monitoring applications;
  • Applications, which use non-standard networks protocols;
  • Network traffic analyzers;
  • Network activity and load balance analyzers;
  • Traffic generators;
  • Network security scanners;
  • Network Intrusion Detection Systems, etc.


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