MagicDraw UML Community Edition 14.0

MagicDraw is a visual UML modeling and CASE tool with teamwork support. Designed for Business Analysts, Software Analysts, Programmers, QA Engineers, and Documentation Writers, this dynamic and versatile development tool facilitates analysis and design of Object Oriented (OO) systems and databases. It provides the industry's best code-engineering mechanism, as well as database schema modeling, DDL generation and reverse engineering facilities.

Latest Changes:

  • Added code engineering support for Microsoft Managed C++ (Visual Studio 2003) and C++/CLI (Visual Studio 2005)
  • Configured the amount of error messages shown during reverse engineering (You can also set the reverse to stop for the certain errors in the reverse process)
  • Improved #include statement generation for the STL template
  • Improved Namespace look up
  • Users can now specify between class and namespace during the reverse process for unknown symbols
  • New Report Engine speeds up performance and improves usability
  • New User interface to help create reports easier
  • Easy to customize the template
  • Image resolution improvement for the RTF format

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10 Окт, Среда 2007г.

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