MachineID SDK 3.5


Maybe you find some code to get hard disk serial on the Net, but they use Windows Registry or Windows API (like GetVolumeLabel) to get this information, it's very unstable, because when user reformat their computer, the hardware id will change.

Ionworx MachineID v3.0 SDK allow you to get unique machine fingerprint collected from CPU, HDD, BIOS components.

Our solution can work with Windows 9x to Vista, don't require to have adminstrator rights, can work in restricted area. The fingerprint ID is obtained directly from the hardware and not from registry. Our solution allow you to select hardware you wish to use to make ID.

Ionworx MachineID v3 is reliable API to generate unique short ID to identify each computer. You can use this ID with your existing licensing copy protection to lock each license by machine. Now you can prevent against unauthorized installation and increase your sales.

· Support .NET and Win32 application - All-in-one
· Machine ID is affordable and reliable API than dongle price and easy to use
· You software price decrease with API, because you don't add dongle price
· Machine ID is a short ID, that anyone can communicate by phone, fax, email
· No delay time to delevery your software, don't need to send anything by postal

You can use our API can work with all development tools support DLL, like :

· Microsoft Visual Basic / VB.NET / VBA (Access or Excel)
· Microsoft ASP.NET (not in trial edition, cause messagebox isn't supported)
· Microsoft Visual C/C++/C#
· Borland Delphi / C++ Builder
· CodeWarrior C++

Ionworx MachineID v3 don't give any details about hardware detected, only fingerprint ID. It's not hardware information API, you can find other API can give you more details (like RAM, Video Card,etc ...)

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