Live Gadget SDK version 0.5 (Beta)

The Windows Live Gadget SDK consists of the following:

* Windows Live Gadget Developer's Guide
If this is the first time you are developing a Live Gadget, we recommend that you start here.

* API Reference
Documentation on the complete the Windows Live Gadget API that you can program to.

* Gadget Design Guide
Guidelines to help you with building a beautiful Gadget that will follows our guidelines.

* Windows Live Gadget Project Template
A project template that you can install into Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Web Developer Express 2005 to make Live Gadget development much easier!

* Additional Samples
Extra samples to show you how to write code to accomplish certain tasks.

* Developer FAQ
Answers your most frequently asked questions.

* Development Resources
Other resources to help you be successful with building that awesome Gadget! Includes Community resources, references and tutorials on JavaScript & DOM, HTML & CSS, and much more!

Click on one of the items above to get started!

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