KoolMoves 6.1

KoolMoves is a web animation authoring tool that creates Flash movies and frames for animated gifs. Create text effects, import vector clipart, attach wav audio, fill shapes with color gradients or bitmaps, add actions to text buttons and frames, plus more.

Latest Changes:

  • Added capability in exported html code to define a sub-directory for the swf and imported files
  • Added automatic display of Properties window after adding a component to the canvas
  • Added component methods and properties to action script editor's Add Syntax (plus icon) nested menus
  • Improved conversion of cubic bezier curves into quadratic bezier curves in SVG import
  • Fixed problem with load.as for ClassicTopList media player skin
  • Fixed problem with the value of Position/Scale property after adding an object to the canvas with the Properties window visible
  • Fixed problem with slight blurriness in images with a motion script effect for Flash 8 export
  • Fixed problem with playing FLV movies with dynamic text backward compatibility option turned on
  • Fixed crash problem when a 'catch' expression is in action script code
  • Fixed minor fill problem in SVG import
  • Fixed handling of large arcs in SVG import

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22 Май, Вторник 2007г.

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