InterBase/Firebird Development Studio

Do you actively use InterBase or Firebird in your development? We are helping you to complete your work faster and produce high quality application. InterBase/Firebird Development Studio is a unique development environment that includes a solution for every stage of your database development – from the initial database design with ER diagrams to regular maintenance of the production database. In the process of programming IBStudio saves your time by highlighting code errors in your procedure, trigger or query before you get error message from the server. ER diagrams, stored procedure debugger, database comparer, query plan visualizer and SQL code refactoring – is only a short list of features offered by InterBase/Firebird Development Studio.

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31 Мар, Понедельник 2008г.


А где Вы видите ссылку на скачивание? InterBase/Firebird Development Studio - как бы нет ссылочки:) 

ссылка не на ту версию - эта ссылка на новую(платную для РОССИИ) версию!

Программирование для чайников.