HTML-to-RTF Win32 DLL 1.6 for Delphi

The HTML-to-RTF DLL component completely standalone and it support:

- Convert() - take HTML string and return RTF string
- converting images (.gif, .jpg and .png)
- tables;
- nested tables;
- hyperlinks;
- font face, color, size;
- page alignment;
- bold, italic and underline text;
- special characters;
- automatic encoding select;
- select page size (A4, B5,...);
- select page orientation (Landscape or Portrait);
- selecting page margins;
- It support all HTML tags and special characters, such as   & &lt, � - ÿ 	 - я etc.

The DLL version written in programming language C++. And it will be work on all versions Windows. (NT4.0/95/98/Me/2000/XP/2003). The size of dll is very small, but speed of converting is about 10 web-pages/ per second.

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7 Июл, Пятница 2006г.

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