Hierarchical DataGridView 1.0

Hierarchical DataGridView is a brand new Windows Forms component that extends DataGridView component included in Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. It is a unique grid control that organizes, edits and displays data in hierarchical form. Hierarchical DataGridView can be seen as a mixture of Visual Studio 2005 DataGridView, Microsoft Project or Microsoft Access data table and simple Excel sheet. If you are a Visual Studio 2005 developer and the terms such as data relation, data structure, multilevel data, master-detail, parent-child, category-subcategory, tree or recursion describe the problem that you have, Hierarchical DataGridView is the right component to solve it.


  • Customizable table for displaying hierarchical data
  • Not a single line of program code needs to be written in order to display hierarchy
  • Direct data editing, arbitrary sorting and rearranging of columns without losing hierarchical view
  • Possibility of automatic data sorting without losing hierarchical view
  • Advanced sorting possibility with the ability to use custom sort indicators in column headers
  • Bound, Unbound and Virtual mode
  • Before / After events allow unlimited flexibility when using hierarchy
  • Customizable style appearance and behavior
  • Conformed with Microsoft.NET Framework Design Guidelines
  • Analyzed with Microsoft FxCop tool - Hierarchical DataGridView component has fulfilled all requirements


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25 Сен, Понедельник 2006г.

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