Habanero Standard 1.1.1

Habanero is an object relational mapping (ORM) architecture for .Net that carries out database persistence. It maps database entities to objects in code, generates user interfaces to edit the object's properties, and persists changes to and from the database. Essentially, it saves a large volume of repetitive coding and quickly frees developers to move on to the application logic.

Latest Changes:

  • Added support for SQLite
  • Added DateRangeComboBox to simplify date range selection
  • Added ObjectInitialiser support to ReadOnlyGridWithButtons
  • Improved support for multiple database switching at runtime
  • Restructured BeforeSave on BusinessObject
  • Renamed and restructured test packages to mirror the main packages
  • Added dialog utilities for easier file dialog usage
  • Fixed CSVFileReader/Writer
  • Fixed two deconstructors

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