Habanero 1.0.2b

Habanero is an object relational mapping (ORM) architecture for .Net that carries out database persistence. It maps database entities to objects in code, generates user interfaces to edit the object's properties, and persists changes to and from the database. Essentially, it saves a large volume of repetitive coding and quickly frees developers to move on to the application logic.

Latest Changes:

  • Added an interface for the generic BusinessObjectCollection called IBusinessObjectCollection
  • Improved support for generic collections across several methods
  • Added more Load overloads to BusinessObjectCollection and added LoadAll methods
  • Added a facility to encrypt your config database password with the SetPrivateKey method
  • Added a DateTimePickerNullableMapper which uses the DateTimePickerController to support null values
  • Added support for deletion prevention or cascading deletes in multiple relationships
  • Added check for Empty String and DBNull in compulsory check
  • Changed Dtd to allow for a type of "Byte[]" to be passed through for the property type
  • Changed some mock tests to use Rhino.Mocks instead of nmock
  • Amended public access settings on some methods
  • Added GuidTryParse method to StringUtilities
  • Made changes to ControlMapper to allow for use of reflected and/or related properties
  • Made changes to ControlMapper to allow for a null BusinessObject reference
  • Added "insert" and "add" methods to the ISqlStatementCollection interface
  • Restructured the ITransaction interface

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