GrFinger Biometric SDK 4.2

GrFinger Fingerprint SDK is a groundbreaking fingerprint recognition Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows you to integrate biometrics in a wide variety of applications. Thanks to its support for dozens of programming languages, richness of code samples, and its thorough documentation, you'll start developing your application in a matter of hours!

Several companies, including the fingerprint readers manufacturers, provide fingerprint recognition SDKs. To help your decision, here are a few points worth considering, and looking for them on other provider's solutions:

  • Multiple fingerprint reader support: usually, the fingerprint SDKs provided by the manufacturers only support their own device. GrFinger's support for multiple fingerprint readers allows you to choose the more suitable reader, and even after application development or deployment, makes you able to change the fingerprint reader you're using, without modifying your code!
  • Driver-less Microsoft Fingerprint reader and Digital Persona support: you don't need the manufacturer's driver or SDK. Our SDK comes with its own driver for these readers.
  • Multiple programming language support: almost all the fingerprint SDK provides as its only interface a cumbersome DLL, where you need to create import files for the language you're using, among other obstacles. GrFinger supports multiple programming languages including Java, Delphi, Visual Basic, C++, .NET, FoxPro and many others. Both ActiveX and DLL components are available to use. Using our samples provided, the integration will be amazingly easy. Everything needed to develop in the supported languages is part of the SDK! No additional fee, or licensing needs!
  • Support for internet: you can use GrFinger Fingerprint SDK inside a Java applet and create an application for the web!
  • Sample code provided in several languages: the fingerprint SDK comes packed with lots of really detailed programming samples (along with their source code), in a variety of programming languages. These can be used, almost with no change, as the basis to your development.
  • International quality assurance: we were successfully tested among the world's best fingerprint recognition systems, on a test held by NIST in 2003.
  • Outstanding fingerprint matching speed: with a blazing fast matching speed up to 35,000 fingerprints per second, it'll be more than adequate for most demanding applications.
  • One-to-many fingerprint identification: most solutions offer only one-to-one verification or one-to-little. Using GrFinger Fingerprint SDK you have unlimited one-to-many fingerprint identification.
  • Trial pack available: you can download our Trial Pack and test it, create your applications and use it non-commercially for 90 days. Once you decide to purchase the FULL or LIGHT edition, you won't need even to reinstall the software!
  • Easy hardware-free licensing: GrFinger Fingerprint SDK can be licensed with only a text agreement, shipped through the internet. It's amazingly easy to deploy your software.
  • Ph.D. researchers team: our technology is on an ever-improving trend, due to our researchers, all of them with an outstanding knowledge and publications on image processing, computer vision and other related issues.

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