GraphStudio Beta

GraphStudio is a free software intended for multimedia developers and DirectShow users. It mimics the look and feel of the GraphEdit tool and further extends its functionality. It is being actively developed and updated weekly. Few of the many added features are categorized favorite filters, shortcuts to insert most frequently used filters, screenshot feature, graph events logging or text-based reports with multiple levels of details.

Latest Changes:

  • More drawing fixes
  • Added some more extensions into opendialog filters
  • Added registered pin details and media types
  • Added MPEG1VIDEOINFO and MPEG2VIDEOINFO structure details
  • Property-tree integrated with the filters form
  • Remote-graph bug fix (thanks to Christian Steindl)
  • Ctrl+G shortcut works also when connected to remote graph
  • Added Render URL feature
  • Added DirectConnect toggle
  • ActiveMovie Window now also contains filter name in the title

Опубликовал admin
19 Мар, Среда 2008г.

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