Firebird Metadata Synchronizer (FMS) 1.0 beta

Firebird Metadata Synchronizer (FMS) is a simple way to ensure multiple Firebird 1.5 SQL databases are in synch with each other. By comparing the DDL of the databases, FMS can tell you if the databases are different and provides a simple 'one click' update facility to update the target database to ensure it is the same as the source. The most common use of this program is for developers & DBAs to keep multiple Firebird databases in synch, without destroying their data each time an update is done. If you have ever developed an application with Firebird, you know that you will go through numerous versions of both the application and database structure. And when the critical time comes to move your development release to test or test to production, you need a way to do it quickly and painlessly. Without destroying the data in the test or production system. FMS is the answer.

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12 Ноя, Воскресенье 2006г.

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