Firebird-Interbase Backup Scheduler 2.0.0

FIBS is a lightweight, solid and fast scheduler so as to meet most backup-tasks-needs. It uses firebird/interbase command line tool gbak.exe to backup safetly and mirrors it to any other disc or computer for extra protection against backup-disc crash. FIBS can create GZip compatible compressed backup files if user want to save backup disc space.
One of the noticable feature of FIBS is that it has multi-threaded architecture. Every backup process (including zipping) is executed in a separate thread. That is, there is no serialisation of backup process including compressing. Although this means that high grade concurrency is given to users to make them free to set lots of backup tasks just the same time, the main advantages resulted multi-threaded architecture is that backup tasks cannot be plugged by the others in trouble. Definitely this is a must-have for a reliable backup scheduling.
FIBS is designed to run on Win32 environment and to backup local and remote databases.

- FIBS supports all Firebird and Interbase versions.
- FIBS can run either as a desktop application or as a Windows Service.
- FIBS can backup local or remote databases.
- FIBS is designed to solve daily backup needs. So it uses daily rotated schedule.
- FIBS uses Gbak.exe to backup databases. So it’s safe and fast.
- FIBS supports two basic backup file preserving styles: preserving defined number of backup files and preserving newer than an age.
- FIBS can create compressed backups in GZip format for compact results.
- FIBS can create compressed backup for databases greater than 4GB in size.
- FIBS doesn’t need any dll or anything else for compressing.
- FIBS creates incrementally named backup files.
- FIBS can check validity of databases before backup.
- FIBS uses Gfix.exe with –v –n switches to validate databases. So it’s also safe and fast...
- FIBS can mirror backup files up to 3 different destination.
- FIBS can mirror backup files onto ftp servers.
- FIBS can send email notification if any error occurs.
- FIBS has built-in SMTP server to send mails.
- FIBS can run external files (batch, executables) to make it possible for users to carry out extra tasks related with the last backups.
- FIBS produces separate logs for each task.
- FIBS appeares only in the primary monitor but not all monitors in multi-monitored systems.
- FIBS stores preferences and tasks data in two seperate text database in CSV format.

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