FIBPlus 6.45

Devrace FIBPlus™ is a flexible and easy-to-use library of Delphi, C++ Builder and Kylix components for direct work with InterBase and Firebird. It has been made for developers of database applications. From the very outset we were developing it in accordance with our customers' wishes and requests. Every component, method and property is intended to solve the most common daily tasks.

At present FIBPlus supports Borland Delphi 5-7, Delphi 2005-2006, C++ Builder 5-6, C++ Builder 2006 ,Kylix 3, InterBase 4.x-7.x and Firebird 1.x-2x.

Main FIBPlus features and benefits

  • Applications based on FIBPlus do not requre BDE, ODBC, etc. ...
  • You can easy port your IBX (InterBase Express) applications to FIBPlus to be sure in a stable work with new Firebird versions.
  • FIBPlus fully supports all Borland InterBase and Firebird features: array-fields, convenient transaction handling, etc.
  • FIBPlus component are completely compatible with standard and third-party visual data-aware components (TDBEdit, TDBGrid, TDBChart, ..., InfoPower, DevExpress, EhLib, IntraWeb, ASTA, ...) and report generators (QuickReport, FastReport, Report Builder). Integrations with the third-party tools are available for immediate..
  • Components implement built-in mechanismes of network traffic optimization in multiuser applications and applications for low-speed channels (local BLOB-filters, metadata and repeatable query caching, master-detail link optimization, local sorting and filtering, etc).
  • The optimized memory use model of TpFIBDataSet since FIBPlus 5.0.
  • We offer you volume discounts on FIBPlus and our customers also have discounts on the products of our partners (FastReport, ShellPlus).
  • Our customers have free updates and new versions during a year after the purchasing and may have 30% or 50% discounts on prolongation/upgrade.

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