Visual Basic 2005 → Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Step by Step (Step By Step (Microsoft))

Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Step by Step (Step By Step (Microsoft)) by Michael Halvorson
Publisher: Microsoft Press (October 5, 2005)
560 pages; Language: English; ISBN: 0735621314; 4.07 mb

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25 Дек, Воскресенье 2005г.

Visual Basic 2005 → Visual Basic 2005 For Dummies

Visual Basic 2005 For Dummies by Bill Sempf, Bill Sempf
Publisher: For Dummies (October 17, 2005)
384 pages; Language: English; ISBN: 076457728X; 5.23 mb

Book Description
  • Visual Basic is Microsoft's premier programming language, used by more than three million developers and in 50 million Windows applications
  • Programming pro and veteran Wrox author Bill
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2 Дек, Пятница 2005г.

Visual Basic 2005 → Beginning Visual Basic 2005

Beginning Visual Basic 2005 by Thearon Willis, Bryan Newsome
Publisher: Wrox; 4Rev Ed edition (November 4, 2005)
799 pages; Language: English; ISBN: 0764574019; 5.46 mb

This book is intended to be an introduction to programming using VB.NET and a precursor to other titles that will discuss more advanced topics. Beginning VB.NET 2003, shows you how to get up and running with Visual Basic .NET or the Visual Studio .NET IDE. It also discusses what the .NET Framework is and why it is important.

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2 Дек, Пятница 2005г.

Visual Basic 2005 → Professional VB 2005 (Programmer to Programmer)

Professional VB 2005 (Programmer to Programmer) by Bill Evjen, Billy Hollis, Rockford Lhotka, Tim McCarthy, Rama Ramachandran, Kent Sharkey, Bill Sheldon
Publisher: Wrox (November 10, 2005)
1166 pages; Language: English; ISBN: 0764575368; 9.73 mb

As Microsoft's most popular programming language in the world, Visual Basic allows applications to be written with dramatically less code. Programmers can simply drag and drop controls, such as buttons and dialog boxes, and then define their appearance and behavior.

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2 Дек, Пятница 2005г.

Visual Basic 2005 → Visual Basic 2005 Programmer's Reference

Visual Basic 2005 Programmer's Reference (Programmer to Programmer) by Rod Stephens
Publisher: Wrox (October 10, 2005)
1022 pages; Language: English; ISBN: 0764571982; 8.98 mb

Visual Basic 2005 adds new features to Visual Basic (VB) that make it a more powerful programming language than ever before. This combined tutorial and reference describes VB 2005 from scratch, while also offering in-depth content for more advanced developers.

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8 Ноя, Вторник 2005г.


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