EasyQuery.NET WinForms 1.5.2

Easy Query is an unique set of classes, components and controls which help you (as a developer) to include end-user-oriented query builder into your application or web-site. It provides your users with ability to describe their requests in native language instead of SQL statements. Unlike other query builders that require from users some knowledge about relational database concept, tables, views, etc, our solution allows to operate with simple and understandable entities and predicates.

  1. Functionality: your application gets an unified, easy-to-use and user-friendly interface for querying and filtering data in database.
  2. Support: your users receive the ultimate ability to build their own queries and get all data they want without necessity to understand your database design or table relationships. They just describe requests by creating their native language sentences and receive the results immediately;
  3. Simplicity: your users do not see the real tables and real fields names, they see only the titles, which one you want, that they should see (e.g. "Customer Address" instead of Cust.Addr in result SQL statement). Operators can be spelled out (e.g. "is equal to" instead of mathematical symbol). Field values can be replaced with descriptions (e.g. "MasterCard" instead of actual values like "MC") that make interface more friendly;
  4. Time: it takes about 20-30 minutes to setup Easy Query in your application;
  5. Cost: no more extra expenses each time when your customers asks for new filter or additional search option in your program or web site;


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