Easy Query.NET 1.10.2

EasyQuery.NET allows you to include end user oriented query builder into your .NET WinForms application or ASP.NET web-site. It implements the main principles of our Easy Query solution on .NET framework. It is written on C# programing language and is distributed as 100% pure .NET assemblies. EasyQuery.NET library is available in two editions: WinForms edition and WebForms edition. First works in Windows Forms .NET application, second - can be used on ASP.NET web-sites. Both editions contains the same non-visual part (DataModel and Query classes) that is responsible for data model and query saving/loading, SQL generation and other logical tasks. Second part of the library contains visual controls (Windows Forms controls in WinForms edition or ASP.NET controls in WebForms edition) that provide user-friendly interface for query building. Thus visual and logical parts of the library are totally separated from each other that provides wide opportunities for different adjustments and improvments of user interface or business functionality. All main classes of the library (query panel elements, value editors, expression classes, etc) are open for customization and inheritence by developer.

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26 Дек, Среда 2007г.

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