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Sphinx brings the worlds most simple Portal and CMS platform to you, for free. Easily make your own website within minutes, and start building your own community today! Just install it on top of SMF and you're done! (Requires installation of SMF v1.0.10 prior to installing Sphinx) You can customize your theme, and depending on your level of knowledge, turn it into as much or as little as you would like. Built on the strong foundation of PHP, it is as simple or as detailed as you feel the need for. If you can fill out a simple online form, you can manage and maintain your own website, and we give this to you for free. Sphinx feature overview: - Written in PHP, using a MySQL database. - Easily manage page content. - Easily manage news items, and articles. - Currently integrated with the popular forum software, SMF. - Complete content control, including downloads and user permissions. - Much, much more! Visit our site and try Sphinx today!

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23 Апр, Понедельник 2007г.

Программирование для чайников.