Drupal 6.19

Доступна для скачивания новая версия cms Drupal 6.19.

The nineteenth maintenance release of the Drupal 6 series. Only bugfixes have been committed. No security fixes are included in this release. New features are only being added to the forthcoming Drupal 7.0 release.

This release includes the security fixes from Drupal 6.18 which was released alongside Drupal 6.19. No additional security fixes are included.

The complete list of changes committed since Drupal 6.17 are as follows:

  • #521370 by Damien Tournoud, marcingy, andypost: watchdog hook invocations should be ordered by weight, not name
  • #828706 by oadaeh: use module_load_install() instead of module_load_include() in drupal_get_schema_unprocessed()
  • #341136 by bwynants, jvandervort: taxonomy selection too dependent on node preview being present
  • #826864 by mr.baileys: improve documentation for decode_entities()
  • #360605 followup by Berdir, gpk: improve PHP 5.3 compatibility for misconfigured hosts even
  • #824102 by cwgordon7: provide access callback for contrib token implementations too
  • #444228 by raulgigea, donquixote, Tri, mikeytown2, JohnAlbin, dicreat, ridgerunner, casey, jonne_jvl: Optimize CSS option causes PHP CGI to segfault in PCRE function 'match' under certain conditions
  • #845672 follow up to #360605 by Damien Tournoud, Berdir, Dave Reid: previous (unreleased) fix inadvertantly turned on E_DEPRECATED on machines where it was off
  • #437822 by jhodgdon: fix documentation for file status field
  • #357799 by unexpand, rdrh555: better explain how drupal_render() works
  • #671884 by axyo, int, rdrh555: fix year in COPYRIGHT.txt
  • #819476 by kiamlaluno, jhodgdon, rdrh555: improved documentation for book_form_update()
  • #727126 by jhodgdon, rdrh555: improve documentation of drupal_execute()
  • #735114 by brianV, rdrh555: improved documentation for db_distinct_field()
  • #782442 by nenne, rdrh555: better documentation on what can be a watchdog message type
  • #795022 by nenne, fmitchell, rdrh555: cross reference *_explode/implode_tags() functions
  • #629958 by jhodgdon, rdrh555: improve documenatation consistency and mention the node variable in page.tpl.php
  • #294742 by axyo, rdrh555: improve documentation for drupal_alter()
  • #448860 by recidive, rdrh555: update and improve documentation in search module
  • #834710 by solotandem, jhodgdon, rdrh555: improve documentation for filter_xss()
  • #633706 by jhodgdon, rdrh555: fix documentation for node_access_acquire_grants() and friends
  • #276876 by mr.baileys, rdrh555: document that we suggest to use lowercase names with the variable_*() API due to database backend behaviors
  • #303987 by CitizenKane, jhodgdon, rdrh555: improve documentation of url() and l(), so usage of different path types and arguments is more clear
  • #750434 by cdroz, RoloDMonkey: fix typo in a Garland print.css selector
  • #488166 by jhutton, brianV, EmanueleQuinto: search relavence calculation was broken if last_comment_timestamp was NULL
  • #767512 by jhedstrom, Damien Tournoud, marvil07: make drupal_unpack() and user_save() more robust to avoid issues with empty keys in the data array
  • #867722 by Dave Reid: avoid a PHP notice when a batch is used without JavaScript
  • #365597 by JohnAlbin, Jody Lynn, mfb, zyxware, paul.lovvik: OpenID logins show Access denied after login due to redirection issues
  • #710640 by jhodgdon, torelad, rdrh555: improve documentation for file_munge_filename()
  • #860154 by Zoltán Balogh, zserno: locale module import code state machine inconsistency ends up in ignored plural string variants


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