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Tools → Spices.Decompiler

Spices.Decompiler is a .Net Decompiler that decompiles/disassembles .Net assemblies and build code flow diagrams from MSIL (MS Intermediate Language) binary format to well-formed and optimized source code (6 languages: MSIL, C#, VB.NET, Delphi.Net J# and managed C++). Spices.Decompiler completely integrated into Spices.Net and offers wide range of services to diplay or decompile to files any scope (Assembly, Namespace, Type, Method or selection of these scopes) of .Net assembly.
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17 Мар, Понедельник 2008г.

Shell → Shell MegaPack.Net 9.0 Build 581226

Shell MegaPack.Net brings drop-in Windows Explorer shell browsing functionality to your .Net application. Consisting of a folder tree control, a file/folder list control and a drive-selection control, it mimics every Windows Explorer feature including Thumbnail/Details/Group Views, dragdrop, icons, context menus, virtual items, infotips and renaming. Also included is ShellObjects - a set of controls which bring various shell features to your app included the ability to display multiple MSN/Office2003 style popups, animated tray icons and create and read shortcuts and internet shortcuts.
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6 Мар, Четверг 2008г.

Asp.NET Components → Search → C# Code Samples for the Live Search API

This code sample demonstrates how to use the Live Search SOAP web service in your C# application, whether they are ASP.Net, Win32 or WPF based. It includes examples of all major functionality provided by the web service and includes a reusable module to simplify the API calls.
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4 Мар, Вторник 2008г.

Asp.NET Components → Spell → ASP Spell Check 2.6

ASP SpellCheck is an international spell checking component for Microsoft ASP (VBScript) web applications. ASPSpellCheck provides international spellchecking for your ASP applications. It is suitable for use with W3C HTML and XHTML applications, and has a good degree of accessibility. With no ActiveX controls Database or DLLs to install, you can be up and running in minutes. ASPSpellCheck even be used on virtual/shared hosting.
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13 Фев, Среда 2008г.

Code Library → Enterprise Core Objects Beta

Enterprise Core Objects is an application framework that allows you to take applications from design to implementation in a much shorter time. It enables you to easily implement your applications as business classes rather than traditional data access. Instead of accessing the database directly your application will interact with the business classes you have designed using the UML.
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7 Фев, Четверг 2008г.


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