Dialogs → .NET Preview Dialogs 1.2.00

The .NET Framework contains components that present standard Open/Save dialog boxes, which you can use in your applications, but you can not extend these dialogs, can not add custom controls as many applications add preview pane. Moreover, you can not inherit from Open/Save dialog components since they are sealed (not inheritable in Visual Basic). Preview dialogs library contains same dialogs with image preview box. You can set properties values at design-time and easily change image in preview box at run time.

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21 Фев, Среда 2007г.

Dialogs → Dialog Workshop .NET 1.4.3

Some Dialog Workshop .NET components internally are wrappers for Win32 and shell functions. But you do not need to worry about it since dialog components hide its internal data and methods. Its important, that your applications do not use Windows-specific source code at all (we encapsulate all platform-specific calls). In case of Open/Save dialogs if JIT compiler founds that current platform is not Windows, standard FileOpen dialog component is used and additional properties have no affect.

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28 Янв, Суббота 2006г.


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