Spell → ASP Spell Check 2.6

ASP SpellCheck is an international spell checking component for Microsoft ASP (VBScript) web applications. ASPSpellCheck provides international spellchecking for your ASP applications. It is suitable for use with W3C HTML and XHTML applications, and has a good degree of accessibility. With no ActiveX controls Database or DLLs to install, you can be up and running in minutes. ASPSpellCheck even be used on virtual/shared hosting.
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13 Фев, Среда 2008г.

Spell → JavaScript Spell Check 1.4

JavaScript Spell Check is the spell checking component for JavaScript. It extends your Website: spellcheck website forms and variables; Ajax spellchecking & realtime spelling validation.

Latest Changes:

  • Pop-Up Spell Checker component similar to Microsoft Word. This is ideal for spell checking website forms
  • Ajax Spell Check. A fully featured Ajax Spellcheck API so you to develop your own rich spellchecking applications
  • SpellCheck() function added to JavaScript
  • Now ASP.Net compatible
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11 Дек, Понедельник 2006г.

Spell → ASP Spell Check 1.8

ASP Spell Check - компонент Microsoft ASP для проверки правописания. Совместим с WC3 HTML, XHTML, ASP.Net, AJAX , JavaScript и Flash Actionscript приложениями, включает в себя французский, немецкий, шведский, датский, итальянский и нидерландский словари.

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12 Авг, Суббота 2006г.

Spell → RapidSpell Web v3.3.0 .NET

Add multilingual spell check functionality and value into ASP.NET Web applications with a couple of lines of code. RapidSpell Web provides ASPNET developers and designers with a cross browser (and multi client platform) server control that requires no client installation, no special security settings and as much programmatic flexibility as you want. Written for .NET in C#, RapidSpell Web includes 2 interfaces, an inline highlighter and a fast (no post back) dialog interface. Includes 5 English dictionaries, including 140,000 word U.S + U.K.
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8 Июн, Четверг 2006г.


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