Dialog Workshop .NET 1.4.3

Some Dialog Workshop .NET components internally are wrappers for Win32 and shell functions. But you do not need to worry about it since dialog components hide its internal data and methods. Its important, that your applications do not use Windows-specific source code at all (we encapsulate all platform-specific calls). In case of Open/Save dialogs if JIT compiler founds that current platform is not Windows, standard FileOpen dialog component is used and additional properties have no affect. Later object model which currently implemented in this release can be implemented (with the same full functionality) on other .NET platforms using other platform-specific source code and .NET classes. Due to encapsulation your applications will be able to migrate to new platforms without additional efforts, since interface part of our components will remain unchanged. Full-featured non-Windows versions will be available after .NET release for other platforms.

Dialog Workshop .NET is CLS-compliant. So the library has a guarantee of interoperability with a wide range of .NET programming languages and libraries.

Our component package for Microsoft .NET Framework and Windows Forms provides dialog components which allow to extend standard Windows common dialogs without writing a line of code! Many new features which do not exist in original .NET dialog components:

- extend your dialogs using Windows Forms
- custom dialog items captions
- customized dialog startup position, etc
- design-time support, etc.
- Visual Studio 2005 support!
- New EffectiveFileListViewStyle property allows to specify file list view style programmatically for Open/Save dialogs.

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