Delphi SWF SDK 2.0.5

Main Delphi SWF SDK features:

  • existing SWF reading and recreating;
  • visual objects creating (shape, button, text);
  • advanced objects creating (morphing shape, sprite);
  • various image formats inserting (jpg, bmp, png, gif);
  • wave and MP3 sound inserting as event or streaming;
  • FLV video inserting;
  • native Delphi Canvas with HDC handle for WinAPI GDI functions;
  • Windows Metafile graphics importing;
  • all types of filling (solid, gradient, image);
  • Flash 8 effects (shadow, glow, edge, etc.);
  • device and embedded fonts supporting;
  • Unicode font and text supporting;
  • any transition and transformation; etc.

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12 Фев, Понедельник 2007г.

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