Delphi 7 Second Edition v7.2

* Applied all the official updates.  
* Restored DCC32.EXE and DCC70.DLL to avoid the optimization bug of Delphi 7 Update 1.  
* Updated BORLNDMM.DLL to FastMM v4.64.  
* The IDE and the VCL use the Tahoma font by default, instead of MS Sans Serif.  
* Included programming font Consolas (recommended size 10 with ClearType enabled).  
* Editor color settings of Delphi 2006.  
* Widened the "Files" heading in the Project Manager.  
* MMX Trial Cleaner, that allows to reset the trial version of ModelMaker Code Explorer.  
* Delphi Tweaks utility, that allows to decide which packages will be loaded when the IDE starts.  
* Included Unit Expert 1.1.  
* Removed deprecated/obsolete parts (CLX, BDE, Database Explorer, Database Desktop, Image Editor, Integrated Translation Environment, Indy, IntraWeb, Rave, TeeChart, QuickReport). The BDE packages and units are still there,  for backwards compatibility with third party libraries that may need them.  
* Removed Delphi Direct.  
* Removed the MS SDK Help except the Win32 Reference.  
* Removed MergeModules folder.  
* Removed Demos folder.

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28 Май, Воскресенье 2006г.

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