Context Database Extensions Suite v.2

Database Extensions Suite is a component library desinged to enhance database related functionality provided by Borland Delphi/BCB VCL library. It combines some generic imporvements as well as improvements pertaining to specific implementations (currently: DBISAM Database Engine by Elevate Software & NexusDB Database Engine by Nexus Database Systems Pty Ltd.) of base VCL classes designed for navigational database access.

Persistent Database Schema. Database Schema contains the description of tables, relations between them as well as triggers and sql statements that could be used to update a database to the version required by the current version of application. Database Schema may be stored within application or in the database (System tables) or as an external file.

RI Constraints. Relations between tables, defined within database schema, allows to implement various types of referential integrity (RI) constrains (Error, Cascade and Nullify for delete & update operations). Please, note, that processing of RI constraints might sometimes considerably slow down some delete and update operations.

Replications. All changes made to records can be automatically written into a separate table ('Objects' tables) and used for database replications. TxxDatabaseExt provides methods, that could be used to create & synchronize snapshots with the main database.

Additional events and properties provided for database, table and query components (see ctxdbext.hlp for more details).

Please see Demo projects included in the package to learn how to add these features to your projects by replacing standard TdbisamXXX or TnxXXX components with TdbisamXXXExt and TnxXXXExt components.

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21 Дек, Среда 2005г.

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