Code::Blocks Studio 1.0 Release Candidate 2 beta

Code::Blocks Studio (C::B) is a free open source and cross platform IDE for C++ built specifically to meet the most demanding needs of its users. It was designed right from the start to be extensible and configurable.

Code::Blocks offers such desirable features as syntax highlighting, a tabbed interface, code folding, and plugins, including a code completion plugin. Built around a plugin framework, Code::Blocks can be extended with plugin DLLs or plugins designed for Dev-C++, known as DevPaks.

Latest Changes:

  • Precompiled headers (PCH) support! (currently works only with GCC)
  • The source is now fully UNICODE-compatible
  • The source is also fully 64-bit compatible
  • Autoconf/automake build system is now used for non-windows platforms
  • New plugins (Code statistics: counts nr. of source lines, nr. of comment lines, etc; CBProfiler: parses and displays the output of GProf, the GNU Profiler; SourceExporter: exports the active file to HTML/RTF/ODT)
  • New lexer (syntax highlighting) files: Fortran77 (by Martin Halle), NVidia CG (by anonymous), X-Base languages (Clipper, Foxpro)
  • New and improved project templates: SDCC program, Irrlicht 3D Graphics Engine, Ogre 3D Graphics Engine, GLFW project (OpenGL FrameWork), wxWidgets: selection between static/dynamic unicode/ansi wxWidgets version
  • New editor functionality (by right-clicking the editor): "Find declaration of [keyword]," "Open #include file: [file]"
  • New plugin type: cbProjectWizardPlugin to allow creation of custom new-project wizards
  • New compiler supported: SDCC (Small Device C Compiler - for micro-processors. Contributed by Stanimir Jordanov
  • Better handling of modified files outside the IDE: r/w->r/o, r/o->r/w, deletion
  • Single file (without project) compilation is now supported, for quick tests
  • Code::Blocks now allows multiple files selection when adding link libraries
  • BCC compiler is now working correctly for DLLs and static libraries
  • Find-in-Files supports searching in arbitrary paths/filemasks (outside of project)

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8 Мар, Четверг 2007г.

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