Code Co-op 5.0 Beta 3

Code Co-op is the server-less version control system for web and software developers wanting to manage and protect their source code. It stands apart by providing a robust version control solution for individuals and teams. If you are part of a development team, you will not need a central server. Although it does run effectively under a LAN configuration, it also joins developers residing in different locations using only Email. Each developer has a secure copy of the project database on their computer. This feature provides the added flexibility to view and/or modify code from any location. It will sync up the next time a connection is made to Email or LAN. Efficiently manages both text and binary files. The core functionality includes check-in, check-out, merge, restore, visual differencing and more.

Latest Changes:

  • Wiki: Added pseudo-property FILENAME. It can be used in INSERT INTO to set the file name for a record. It can also be used in SELECT statements
  • Wiki: Expanded the WHERE clause with string comparisons < > <= >=
  • Wiki: Added CONTAINS, IN, and LIKE clauses
  • Wiki: Added [!prop] syntax to acces properties defined in the current record
  • Remember last path in dialogs and use it to initialize the browse control (New Project, Join, Save Files, etc...)
  • Added alternative editor to Program>Options
  • Fixed formatting of date in SMTP messages
  • Support secure sockets on non-standard ports
  • Fixed refreshin of script details page
  • Many other minor bugs

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