BotDetect ASP.NET CAPTCHA 2.0.11

BotDetect ASP.NET CAPTCHA is a website security component designed to protect your registration, comment, poll, guestbook, content submission, and other online forms from automated spam submissions. It generates CAPTCHA images with textual code rendered in them that are easily decipherable to humans but not to spam bots.
In essence, it allows you to focus on your code or content instead of on deleting spam.

Latest Changes:

  • Fixed a bug with the CAPTCHA randomization being bypassed when clicking the Reload CAPTCHA button, or for other direct CAPTCHA image requests
  • Fixed a bug with the sequential Reload CAPTCHA button clicks appending new values to the querystring instead of replacing the existing one
  • Fixed a bug with the CAPTCHA stylesheet not resetting link styles for the Reload and Sound CAPTCHA buttons, causing layout problems if the page link style includes padding etc
  • Fixed a bug with the CAPTCHA validation always failing if the .aspx form path includes spaces or other Url-encoded characters
  • Fixed a client-side script include bug occurring when a Captcha control is placed inside a MultiView control which is inside an ASP.NET Ajax UpdatePanel
  • Added support for CAPTCHA image and sound request full path customization (instead of just the extension) via web.config settings
  • Improved handling of invalid CAPTCHA requests sent by some bots (repeated CAPTCHA image or sound requests with expired parameters)

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24 Июн, Вторник 2008г.

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