Altova XMLSpy 2006 Enterprise Edition

Altova XMLSpy® 2006 provides important XML support for data modeling, editing, and server administration for Oracle XML DB and is a must-have tool for Oracle database administrators and developers.

Oracle 9i and 10g XML DB Support

  • Oracle XML DB is a new feature of Oracle Database 9i and 10g that provides high-performance, native XML storage and retrieval technology available with Oracle 9i and 10g. Oracle XML DB provides full support for XML Schema and implements a WebDAV repository interface, which makes Oracle 9i and Oracle 10g ideally suited for use in conjunction with Authentic® 2005 for building document frameworks (Web-based XML content applications).

  • Since Oracle 9i and 10g and XMLSpy® 2006 all implement WebDAV, XML files stored inside Oracle 9i/10g can be browsed through the XMLSpy® 2006 WebDAV explorer window shown in the following screenshot:

    Browse Oracle XML DB

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