Ajaxium (AJAX for asp.net)1.2

Designed as the ultimate solution for ASP.NET developers, Ajaxium is compatible with all browsers supported by ASP.NET. One of the Ajaxium advantages is that the client-side code doesn't rely on the browser's version and there is no hard-coded 'browser compatibility list' built-in. Even if modern browsers have their required features disabled or inoperable, Ajaxium silently and gracefully falls back to the standard ASP.NET without any error messages or page reloads. To increase accessibility further, Ajaxium allows you to switch back to ASP.NET at any time and respond to any visitor.

Ajaxium supports all default ASP.NET and custom controls, plus most third-party ASP.NET controls with minimal compatibility limitations. Ajaxium is not a huge framework or another big set of AJAX-enabled controls, but a component which makes existing ASP.NET code AJAX-enabled. So it will save your from rewriting your existing controls, in-house code library or code generation frameworks from scratch.

Latest Changes:

  • Easy Mode (see demo)
  • Possibility of integration via aggregation
  • Cross-browser client-side API has been documented
  • Support for ASP.NET 2.0 focus scripts
  • Client-side OnAjaxUpdate function
  • Support for page-to-page transfer

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14 Июл, Пятница 2006г.

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