ADO.Net Entity Framework Tools Dec 07 CTP

The ADO.Net Entity Framework Tools Dec 07 CTP contains a preview release of the ADO.NET Entity Designer which enables users to visually design model and mappings using Visual Studio 2008 RTM. This release also incorporates fixes to several bugs and includes many features requested by customers. The designer in this CTP has limited functionality only supports a subset of the ADO.NET Entity Framework. Features not supported by the designer at this time include: Complex Types, TPC mapping, C-Side conditions, schema references (“using”), query views, defining queries, command text, unmapped abstract types, and multiple entity sets per type. Please refer to the ReadMe for this release for a list of known issues in this CTP.

Overview of features in this CTP:

    Entity Designer
  • Generate a model from a database with the wizard and display it on the designer surface
  • Edit conceptual model properties (e.g. namespace, alias)
  • Embed Entity Framework metadata artifacts (CSDL/MSL/SSDL) in the output assembly or copy them to the output directory without worrying about the connection string
  • Cut/Copy/Paste entities and properties
  • Undo/redo support
  • Layout and control visual aspects of the design surface and persist changes
  • Add, delete, and edit entities, scalar properties, associations, and inheritance
  • Automatic set management
  • Automatic navigation property management
  • Control concurrency settings of properties
  • Validate model and mappings using the Entity Framework Runtime
  • Double-click on validation errors in the VS error window to take you to the right place in the designer where you can fix them
  • Automatic entity connection management in App/Web Config when .edmx file is renamed/moved in Solution Explorer
  • UI changes based on usability feedback, simpler context menu layout and icons

    Entity Mapping
  • View mappings for a C-Side Entity or Association
  • View/Edit mappings using stored procedures (insert/update/delete)
  • Rename or delete C-Side objects without worrying about mapping
  • Map an EntityType to multiple tables
  • Apply multiple conditions to a table mapping
  • Map associations
  • Automatic generation of conditions and referential constraints on associations
  • Map an Entity hierarchy to a single table (TPH mapping)
  • Map an Entity hierarchy to multiple tables (TPT mapping)
  • Create and map abstract entity types in your model

    Entity Model Browser
  • Understand and visualize the model in a tree hierarchy
  • Create, update and delete FunctionImports in your model
  • Update model and mappings if tables or columns in the database change
  • Navigate to nodes in the model browser from entities and properties on the designer surface

    Visual Studio Integration
  • item template, model generation wizard, EntityDeploy MSBUILD task and Entity Framework validation on build

IMPORTANT: Read the steps in the instructions below in order to install the ADO.NET Entity Framework Tools Preview CTP.

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