Add-in Express Extensions 2007 for Microsoft Outlook

Customising Outlook forms and views programmatically

The Add-in Express Extensions for Microsoft Outlook (the Extensions) is a plug-in included in Add-in Express packages that allows you to customize Microsoft Outlook forms and folder views by embedding feature-rich forms into the Advanced Outlook Regions.

Microsoft Outlook 2007 provides a new way of customizing the Microsoft Outlook user interface for data. It enables developers to embed custom .NET forms into Microsoft Outlook windows and use any controls on any Microsoft Outlook forms. This new technology was named Microsoft Outlook form regions. Now, due to Microsoft Outlook 2007 form regions and VSTO you can get rid of the development with VBScript and Notepad. But there is one crucial limitation in the Microsoft Outlook regions technology - you can create form regions for the Inspector window and the Reading pane on Microsoft Outlook 2007 only.

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6 Янв, Суббота 2007г.

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