Add-in Express 2005 for Microsoft VSTO 2.5

Add-in Express .NET for VSTO is a visual tool for developing Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, InfoPath, and Visio add-ins in Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office 2005. It also supports Excel and Word documents. The main destination of Add-in Express is to provide you, a VSTO developer, with a solution that allows you to do far less coding than you have to do now.

With Add-in Express for VSTO you quickly create a GUI of the Outlook add-in including its toolbars and sub-panes (forms embedded into Outlook windows). Add-in Express includes special designers that give you the following features that VSTO lacks:

  • Version-independent event processing for Outlook Application, Item, Items and Folders.
  • Design-time support of command bars and commandbar controls, menu items and context menu items.
  • Adding Outlook options page and folder property pages at design-time.
  • Trapping any built-in controls on Outlook toolbars and handling them in your own way instead of the standard one.
  • Binding your toolbars or their separate controls to folders or item classes.
  • Determining keyboard shortcut processing settings at design-time.
  • Adding Actions Panes in Excel and Word at design time.

The crucial thing is that you concentrate on your applied code that automates and handles Outlook objects and solves your applied task.

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