Access Forms & Reports For Dummies

Access Forms & Reports For Dummies by Brian Underdahl
Publisher: For Dummies (September 19, 2005)
408 pages; Language: English; ISBN: 0764599658; 6.38 mb

Create queries that make forms and reports useful. Develop forms to access the data you need and make reports that make sense! If you thought you had to use a spreadsheet program to produce reports and forms, guess what! Access can turn out great-looking forms and reports that actually show what's going on with your data — if you know how to ask it nicely. This hands-on guide helps you do just that, and it works with all versions of Access.

  • Ask Access the right questions
  • Work with sets of data
  • Create simple forms with a wizard
  • Use queries to create new tables
  • Troubleshoot queries
  • Add visual features to reports

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