A1 Sitemap Generator 1.4.3

A1 Sitemap Generator will generate sitemaps for your website, be that HTML or XML Google sitemaps. Rich template support for generating sitemaps and nearly endless scanning options. The scanning engine stores vast amounts of data so that you can, among other things, view full report on broken and redirected links (wherefrom and whereto). This data is e.g. used when generating Google XML sitmaps (e.g. when defining priority). Bonus tools include an integrated FTP client. This allows you to FTP upload your sitemaps. It is possible to automate and control program through the command line. This means you can have a task scheduler (e.g. scripts or batch files) to launch program at given intervals. You can automate tasks such as scan website, build sitemap and FTP sitemap upload.

Latest Changes:

  • Added some support for website scan logging
  • Made some speed and memory optimizations in website crawler
  • Disabling case sensitive paths will no longer influence strings after "# ?"
  • Domain names are now always lower cased
  • Fixed a deadlock/freeze bug in website crawler that could occur when using multiple root paths. (And another very rare case.)
  • Fixed an issue in urlencode / urldecode (affecting certain characters)
  • Polish translation by Witold, http://www.naszacena.pl
  • Added "allow" crawler filters (can complement "ignore" and "output" filters)
  • Added support for "resume" website scans
  • Website scanner now uses a load balancing thread pool

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24 Фев, Суббота 2007г.

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