010 Editor 2.0.3

010 Editor is a professional hex editor capable of parsing and editing any binary file. Unlike traditional hex editors, this allows a binary file to be parsed into a data structure that can be understood. It features an easy-to-use editor with standard Cut, Copy, and Paste commands. Files of any size can be instantly loaded, and unlimited Undo and Redo are supported for all editing operations. Use the Inspector to easily edit data in a number of different formats. A set of powerful editing and analysis tools are supplied. An integrated expression Calculator using C syntax is supplied and Scripts may be written to modify files.

Latest Changes:

  • Fixed bug with FileSave function
  • Fixed bug with allowing more than one instance
  • Fixed problem with exporting hex text and long lines
  • Now use Exit function to set global errorlevel return value
  • Allow bookmarks on consecutive bytes
  • Fixed bug exporting data from disk or process

Опубликовал admin
3 Дек, Воскресенье 2006г.

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